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AboutCalifornia Port University

California Port University is an online university that provides quality online education to students and professionals who, for any reason cannot attend traditional collegess or universities. California Port University's contemporary online degree programs are attuned with the latest online education providing methods and also with the hiring trends of the current, local and international employment market. California Port University holds accreditation from various regional and international accreditation providing bodies that make it easier for our students to acquire jobs in the international market.

Education Par Excellence


Providing online education with more than 80 majors and 16 exclusive schools, California Port University has emerged as one of the leading online universities that provide flexible education at the tips of your fingers. California Port University has gained rapid recognition all due to its state of the art learning management system, expert research team, faculty, accredited degree programs, schools and unparallel curricula.


Ideal For StudentsOn The Go

California Port University is catering higher education needs of students and working professionals who want to move beyond their present scope of academic and professional achievements. California Port University enhances the skills and knowledge of students so that they can stand proudly in today's highly competitive hiring market. California Port University provides 100% online education; this means that the entire process, starting from the admissions till the awarding of the degree is completely online.

Ideal For StudentsOn The Go


California Port University has a dedicated area for students and alumni that takes care of student's professional needs and provides them career advice and career planning free of cost. California Port University strives to bring out the best potential within the students, helping them to achieve success in their endeavors.

Fast FactsAbout California Port University

California Port University homes students and faculties from over 150 countries worlwide.

500+ corporates have partnered up with California Port University to provide employment opportunities to its graduates.

Over 5000 students have enrolled at California Port University in 2014 alone.

California Port University is affiliated with more than 50 universities and colleges across the globe.

13:1 ratio of students to professor on an average.

More than 12 programs in 16 dynamic and diverse schools of study.

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Accreditation provided by our Accreditors and members ensures that our courses and programs are in line with the international standards of education.


California Port University

Experienced faculty, coming from all over the globe bringing diverse ideas, perspectives and perceptions. 90% professors at California Port University carry a PhD degree.

Global Faculty

California Port University

Although belonging to different regions of the world, all students at Calport have one goal in common: to achieve academic excellence and have a prosperous and fulfilling career.

Global Outreach

California Port University

Most flexible, online degree, diploma and certificate programs. Fast educational boost to adult and working students.


California Port University

Calport is everywhere you are, and our online classrooms and support ensure you can work on your courses at a time and place that fits your schedule. .


California Port University

California Port University's alumni family is spanned over 180 countries, being more than 12000 in numbers, having graduated in various feilds of study.

Alumni Network

California Port University

The governance at California Port University creates a proper way, through the channel, for major decision making processes of the university. These decisions are directed to the Academic Leadership Council.

University Governance

California Port University

Our corporate partner collaboration offers more than just research funds and prospect employment opportunities to our students. The collaboration itself offers companies and firms to come together and invest in unique opportunity.

Corporate Partners

California Port University

Organizational management and scholarshp committee at California Port University carefully selects all students that have shown outstanding and competitive performance during their academic semesters.

Presidential Scholarships

California Port University