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Alumni Network

California Port University's alumni family is spanned over 180 countries, being more than 12000 in numbers, having graduated in various feilds of study. The California Port University’s alumni family is the driving power for our graduating students. Over the years our alumni has proved extremely beneficial for our current students, guiding them through their academic journey with complete professional approach and devotion.

The alumni family of California Port University has arranged a number of events surrounding culture, arts, science and media in order to promote the practices in these fields on professional level. They have also conducted a number of career workshops for students and fresh graduates, providing them in insight of employment market relevant to their respective field of studies and expertise.

Where Our Graduates Work Where Our Graduates Work

For years, our alumni have been among the graduates that get handpicked by top international and local firms. Esteemed alumni of California Port University working at leading international companies from every part of the world have extended their full cooperation when it comes to guiding our students.

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See What Our Graduates Have To Say

My experience at California Port University was nothing short of "extraordinary". I could be at home or on the move and could still login to my classroom and study at my ease.

Nichole via Facebook Social Worker


"On the college campus, in the huge study rooms, it becomes easy for the students to become invisible. But in online virtual classes, each student has the chance to get good grades.”

Mariam Agnew Manager


I found California Port University perfect for my academic goals. With its self-paced virtual classes Calport is a sure leader in online education.

Kathy via Twitter Computer Sciences


Thank you California Port University for the amazing fee reduction options. It really eased my academic journey with you guys.

Samantha via Facebook Health Sciences


The greatest advantage about online classes at California Port University is probably the scheduling of sessions and being able to work around your schedule--great for those with SUPER busy schedules!!

Albert via Facebook Engineer


"California Port University is perfect for people who have a busy life. Online classes are convenient and tend to be cheaper than traditional classes ."

Ralph Taylor Engineer


Being alumni of California Port University has opened doors to many lucrative job opportunities. Not only this, it has also brought me self confidence and a sense of job security.

Micheal via Facebook Applied Arts