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California Port University

California Port University Governance

The governance system at California Port University believes that the autonomity of any private university gives way to the development of a particular governance style where fundamentals of democratic model of politics and the hierarchical model of business are combined to produce a structure that caters to the complexity that is an educational institution.

Our Mission

California Port University aims to create an inclusive community by making its academic programs, educational services and employment opportunities available to all qualified individuals and encourages tolerance, mutual respect and acceptance of differences throughout the institution. The University believes diversity enhances its institutional culture, improves productivity and prepares its graduates to participate effectively in the global community.

Governance Circle

The governance at California Port University creates a proper way, through the channel, for major decision making processes of the university. These decisions are directed to the Academic Leadership Council. Academic Leadership Council further directs the issues to Academic Leadership Committee, whose constituents are appointed by Academic Leadership Council.

The Academic Leadership Committee fuctions parallel to, and falls under the direct control of the Board of Trustees. The member of these committees are appointed on the basis of merit and over all performance while the memebers of Academic Leadership Council are appointed by the Board of Trustees.

Governance of the California Port University is based on the following factors:

Corporate Governance


Board of Trustees

California Port University is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of members from the government, industry leaders, educators, philanthropists and top professionals from the corporate world. This body is responsible for overseeing the continuation of the University's Mission and Vission.

Board of Trustees

Academic Leadership Council

The top governing body of California Port University that handles all day to day matters relating to any and all issues of the University is the Academic Leadership Council whose membership compromises of the top employees and leaders of the university. To help and support the Academic Leadership Council, there are a few sub committees that represent top schools at Calport University. All issues pertaining to the academics are directed to these committees to be dealt with while ALC takes care of the overall working of the university. Following are the sub committees:

Advisory Committee for Business Studies
Engineering and Technological Committee
Committee on Education and Skill Enhancement
Advance Sciences and Information Technology Committee

Other Committees

There are a couple of more committees that have branched out of Board of Trustees. These committees are corresponding committees to Academic Leadership Council and are independent of the university's leadership and control. The major functions of these committees are to pursue, oversee the research, development processes and keep accountability of the procedures in order.

These committees are empowered by the Board of Trustees to ensure smooth decision made by the university and running of the processes in a way that the university's interests are protected. These committees also play an imporatnt part in promoting research by liasing with external bodies throughout the world and crossing borders to form alliances and partnerships for the improvement of Calport University.

Committee of Review
Research and Development Committee