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California Port University provides a student-focussed approach for learning throughout its academic year. While there may be many aspects of learning and teaching at Calport will be smiliar to the ones provided by any other online university, provided its accredited from highest accreditors, there will be otherfactors that are quite unique and speak volumes about Calport's unique online exprience for its students. Here, through the dedicated online area provided to the students, they are able to share their notes, access and copy their course material, interact on one-on-one basis with the faculty and other students.

Now, more and more students are opting California Port University as their first choice for applying to any online university. California Port University opens doors to:

California Port University is a world class online university that is nurturing young minds since more than a decade and has produced many leaders who are duelly playing their part in their respective feilds of interests.

The admission process at California Port University is really simple and takes as less as 90 seconds to get completed.

Scholarly Pursuit

Our team of experts guide our students so that they can find their own academic path with the help of reasoning, analysing, and understanding the preceding results.

Influenced Study

Our learning experience comes with major research options and opportunities. These resources connect our students to the process of inquiry and discovery. Students at Calport explore thier ideas by collaborating directly with our experienced faculty.

Engaged Emersion

A student's education does not end with the end of lecture session. To our students, we provide an incredible opportunity so that they can enhance and utilize their learning in hands-on experience.

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Through Scholarships

We view education as not only a gateway to personal development, but also a path for improving society.


With in the ranks of Calport's 1000+ faculty are scholars of national and international fame and prominence. Each well versed in their respective field of teaching.

Through Athlectics

Our athletes play because they love their game, they love their teammates and they love to represent their university.

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