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Credit Transfer

If you wish to complete your unfinished degree with California Port University's accredited dgeree programs, you can successfully do so with our credit transfer options.

Our credit transfer program helps you to transfer up to 70% of your previous credits. The evaluation of credits is done after the documents are submitted with the California Port University's student advisory, which then helps you in picking the most suitable program.

After your credits are transferred , the particular subjects are exempted from your degree of choice that reduces your time and effort at California Port University.

Resume and complete your study in a program of your choice. If you wish to transfer your credits to Calport from another university, the same process of evaluation will follow.

Call our Student Counsellors in case of any queries.

Credit Transfer Process

Learn how the credit transfer process works at California Port University, If you are an Existing student elsewhere or have an incomplete degree, you can convert the transcript into your preferred program's credit hours at Calport.