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Financial Aid Options

California Port University awards vrious types of financial grants and financial aid options to assit its students in compeleting their academic goals and ultimately meeting their career requirements. In orderto avail these financial aid options, you dont have to be strictly a US citizen, this means that online students enrolled at California Port University, coming from all over the world are eligible for these finacial aid options. You can use financial aid options for:

Student Loans

California Port University has provided its students the benefit of availing student loans for a specific period of time.

Students can take loans up to 50% of their actual fee, reducing the total sum to half. This will help them in gettinhg through their academics without having to worry about their financial limitations. The terms and conditions for taking and returning of the loan is decided by the financial committee at the University.

Federal Direct Loans

These loans are based on financial need. The interest is payed by the federal government while you are enrolled in school atleast half time or during deferment periods.

Federal Direct Loans (Unsubsidized)

These loans are not based on financial needs and are therefore available to most California Port University's students. On these loans, the students are actually liable to pay their interests themselves from the day they borrow the money till the loan is paid off.

Referral Program

The unique service of Referral Program at California Port University has helped thousands of students all over the globe in gaining financial assistance. If you are interested to get financial assistance or discount, you can become eligible for the Referral program, by simply referring the university to your friends, family and peers.

Every year, several students receive reduction on their fees through referral program, utilizing a win/win situation for both the referral and the referred ones. Take a step for your prosperous careers, and apply now for referral program.

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