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School of Law & Legal Studies

With an evident, high flow rate of foreign investors and job searchers in the international market, there is a serious need for professionals who are Legal Studies graduates and have ample knowledge relating to legal issues. Over a span of just 10 years, countries have seen several establishments and bodies that deal in law and legal affairs sprout across the region.

The degree programs for legal studies cover associate, bachelor's, master's and doctorate level programs. All of the programs are industry responsive and developed to equip students with industry specific skills and in-demand knowledge required for dealing with the challenges of the field. Law is a complicated field of study and therefore a legal studies degree develops habits like organization and researching strategies, logical thinking and critical analysis. If hold a legal studies degree, you have the potential of earning a median salary of up to $60,000 annually.

Programs of Law & Legal Studies
  • Degree Programs
  • Diploma Programs
  • Certificate Programs
    • Associate Degree (ALS - Legal studies)
    • Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree (BSLS - Legal studies)
    • Bachelor’s Degree (BSLS - Legal studies)
    • Masters Degree (MSLS - Legal studies)
    • Undergraduate Diploma in Legal studies
    • Graduate Diploma in Legal studies
    • Undergraduate Course Certificate in Legal studies
    • Graduate Course Certificate in Legal studies
    • Undergraduate Certificate in Legal studies
    • Graduate Certificate in Legal studies

Notice: California Port University ensures to keep these programs up to date. However in the event of a conflict between the programs listed in California Port University's Calendar and this list, the Calendar shall prevail. To update a program listing, please contact us on our contact provided.