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School of Natural Sciences

Modern science has becomes strongly interdisciplinary with the traditional subjects now overlapping significantly. You can now find number crunching biologists, physicists who are experts on biomembrane structural determination and chemists whose passion is working out how to mimic the ways plants harvest sunlight. The Natural Science degrees at Calport are a great way to gain a deep understanding of one of the mainstream core subjects whilst studying other science and supporting subjects alongside your main subject. If you loved studying chemistry, biology or physics at school or college, and want to keep that breadth, Natural Sciences is for you.

The degree programs offered at Calport enable you to study a broad range of science subjects and at the same time allow you to design a unique degree to suit your interests and strengths. The diversity of jobs and research roles of our graduates over the years have proved the quality and success of Calport's Natural Sciences course.

Programs of Natural Sciences
  • Degree Programs
  • Diploma Programs
  • Certificate Programs
    • Associate Degree (AS - Biology)
    • Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree (BS - Biology)
    • Bachelor’s Degree (BS - Biology)
    • Masters Degree (MS - Biology)
    • Doctorate Degree (PhD - Biology)
    • Associate Degree (AS - Chemistry)
    • Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree (BS - Chemistry)
    • Bachelor’s Degree (BS - Chemistry)
    • Masters Degree (MS - Chemistry)
    • Doctorate Degree (PhD - Chemistry)
    • Undergraduate Diploma in Biology
    • Graduate Diploma in Biology
    • Undergraduate Diploma in Chemistry
    • Graduate Diploma in Chemistry
    • Undergraduate Course Certificate in Biology
    • Graduate Course Certificate in Biology
    • Undergraduate Certificate in Biology
    • Graduate Certificate in Biology
    • Undergraduate Course Certificate in Chemistry
    • Graduate Course Certificate in Chemistry
    • Undergraduate Certificate in Chemistry
    • Graduate Certificate in Chemistry

Notice: California Port University ensures to keep these programs up to date. However in the event of a conflict between the programs listed in California Port University's Calendar and this list, the Calendar shall prevail. To update a program listing, please contact us on our contact provided.