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School of Social Services

For the individuals who are socially responsive and want to work for the betterment of society, social studies provide them an area to outshine their skills. As the world is becoming global village, resources from the surplus countries need to be deployed to those nations and societies who are in the scarce situation. Social studies help the individual to become an active part of the society by getting engaged with the social services organization that plays a responsible role of being a better human being. It is the basic instinct of a human to be recognized for the work he does for others in a pluralistic and democratic society. Social studies help students develop their sense of self and community, encouraging them to affirm their place as citizens in an inclusive, democratic society.

The employment opportunity of this field has increased immense as every company has started emphasizing on the induction of quality human resource into their corporate communications department. The basic objective of the social scientist is to get engaged with the external community and do efforts to make their lives better by providing them shelter, food and clothing. Not only has this but people from this field had to interact with high authorities such as government bodies and lobbies to create a democratic environment between the both. Not only this, but they be inducted into the NGO and the social community that work for the human aid.

Programs of Social Services
  • Degree Programs
  • Diploma Programs
  • Certificate Programs
    • Associate Degree (AA - Human Services)
    • Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree (BA - Human Services)
    • Bachelor’s Degree (BA - Human Services)
    • Masters Degree (MA - Human Services)
    • Doctorate Degree (DSW - Human Services)
    • Doctorate Degree (PhD - Human Services)
    • Undergraduate Diploma in Human Services
    • Graduate Diploma in Human Services
    • Undergraduate Course Certificate in Human Services
    • Graduate Course Certificate in Human Services
    • Undergraduate Certificate in Human Services
    • Graduate Certificate in Human Services

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