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What ever your plan may be - career in management, science or arts, in public sector or private, Calport University's Students Consultancy Service makes sure that you get to you desired gaols by providing you with real life experiences to:

Contribute to the local community and gain solid work experience.
Tackle professional issues and concerns.
Develop all necsessary skills for maximum employability such as self-management, job and market awareness, problem solving, communication, leadership and enterprise.
Gain an awareness of the professional, social and behavioural contexts of the business environment.

Under the Student Consultancy program at California Port University, students are formed into groups that are presented with real life issues pertaining their designated areas of study. In this manner , students are exposed to the moethds and solutions in rigorous brain storming sessions as teams, all working together to acheive one common goal.

Reasons To Be Here

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How We Work

At California Port University there are no boundaries and learning opportunities for students are not limited by geography. This attarcts worl'd leading professors and practicing professionals from anywhere in the world, ensuring that our students are taught by real-world educators with access to current marketplace knowledge and on-the-job skills. Students also get opportunities to study and test their knowledge through online quizzes, interactive classrooms, webinars, and web field trips. Some programs offer externships or other opportunities through which our students may acquire real-world experience.

Traning & Support

We will provide training to prepare you for your career. Training will include an introduction to consulting, key issues, market research, interviewing techniques, problem solving and techniques for presenting your recommendations and reports. Each team will be able to access support from student consultants who will be available to give advice and help.

Projects & Teams

Each client will have a key business issue that they would like you to explore and find solutions to. Projects could include market research, web-design, competitor analyses and charity initiatives. Projects will be assigned so that each is tackled by a team.